Equity and Inclusion Consultation for organizations

I provide consultation regarding equity and inclusion issues with my business partner, Dr. Theresa K. Chan. We are interested in working with higher education institutions, healthcare systems, non profit organizations, and businesses. We have unique perspectives as psychologists trained at the doctoral level in research, practice, and teaching. We are able to provide foundational knowledge of evidence based research regarding the field of equity and inclusion. At the same time, due to our training in interpersonal relationships and therapeutic work, we are able to supply our clients with pragmatic, hands-on, experiential ways of approaching equity issues. Our work can include larger, overarching systemic issues such as consulting on policies and procedures, hiring, and institutional climate, or more interpersonal concerns such as how to discuss diversity issues or how to start conversations around social justice and microaggressions.

We can provide services including:

  • One-on-one coaching

  • Workshops and presentations

  • On retainer consultation

  • Evaluations and assessments

  • Hiring

Please contact me at (503) 506-0028 if you are interested in our equity consultation services.